Home Phone  on your mobile

A new way of keeping your Home Phone  at a fraction of the cost

For those of you with good WIFI and a half decent IPhone or Android install our App  "Sky Phone" from Sky Networks  and we will set you up with a Home Phone on your mobile.As good as WhatsAPP but with a local number and outbound calling and without Data Mining.

 This is 


  • Landline Service on your mobile
  • Keep existing number or get a new landline number
  • Free Download
  • Crystal Clear Voice Quality
  • Voice Mail
Known as

  • Video
  • SIP Messaging
  • Adopts Contact list
  • Conf Call
  • Hold and Transfer 
  • Home Phone wherever you are

  • unlimited landline
  • 120 minutes to mobile
  • includes international 
  • no set up fee on 30 day contract
  • This is known as
  •  Bring Your Own Device