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        Projects and Partners

some of the projects we have a part to play in

eir 5G Black Valley

eir recently completed a 5G network in the Black Valley, Giving metropolis speeds to the most remote part of the Kingdom if not the country, and we are the VoIP phone line provider for eirs 5G in the Black Valley,ensuring that homes and businesses there that wanted to keep their landline service could do so, only now their landline is a VoIP landline  delivered over super fast 5G instead of the old network

Tipperary Broadband

We are the Voip phone Line provider for Tipperary Broadband Customers

Tipperary Broadband is the biggest provider of Broadband in Rural Tipperary and they have trusted us to be the phone line provider to hundreds of their valued customers


Broadband 4 our Community

Broadband 4 Our Community Piltown and Fiddown co Kilkenny.

This is an amazing independent community fiber to the home project (FTTH). Working in partnership with project manager Jim O Brien we are the phone line provider to local homes and businesses. The Voiptel phone line can go directly on the Fritzbox router,without the need or cost of a VoIP phone, so the savings are huge and immediate.

East Cork Broadband

East Cork Broadband is used by everybody in East Cork from the centre of Midleton town, into the countryside and on to seashores. We have been the VoIP landline provider to both business and home  customers of East Cork BB for nearly 14  years.


Rural Broadband
As a Retail Provider of the NBI Roll-out,
Rural does exactly what it says on the tin. 
by looking after the Broadband needs of NBI enabled Homes, Farms and Businesses throughout Rural Ireland.
We are the phone line provider to their customers.


Sky News  end of the landline

For the UK and the EU 2025 is the old Landline END BY Date. Keep an eye on eir and Comreg regarding Ireland.
Our service is a replacement for old Landline