Like a Landline only Better
and a whole  lot Cheaper.

Steady broadband connection required, we do not  supply broadband,if you use rural broadband you can kill off eir and any line rental costs. We offer a clear choice if you are looking for a better phone service for your money.

4 good reasons to use Voiptel Home Phone

1.Minimal cost:  You can have a reliable phone service  for less than the cost of a weekly newspaper. Our most popular package at  15/mo  would cost at least around  65/mo with eir or a similar provider.
2.Security: Given the way things are going with all the hacking of mobiles and fraudulent calls & texts etc, having a phone on an independent network with a number that only your family and friends know and use, is an asset you can rely on.

3.Todays Technology Today:   Inventions like the car and the telephone are with us for over a hundred years, but both are that bit better in their modern format.
Creating a phone line over your internet connection, provides a resilient service and cuts out unnecessary costs.

4.Local: We are a local service provider, available face to face, with a fully available personal support service.
No more  Call Centre's.
No more On Hold.
No more being Transferred from  A to B. 
No more unexpected Bills.No more lines down and endless faults.
No more long contracts, go when you like.
No more hidden charges or tricky bundles.
No more being upsold, we don't sell anything else.
No future Sales Calls, enquire with ease, after the first contact or enquiry,  no sales person will call you back unless requested or agreed.

Keep your existing number, we can also supply local numbers.
We handle everything end to end, you will need a VoIP phone or VoIP app, (all supplied by us) to use your Voiptel service.

Steady Broadband connection required, we do not provide broadband

A Modern low cost Home Phone Service that is Reliable, Simple and Straight Forward , that's us.