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We are a phone company built to work over the internet, once you have broadband we can provide a reliable low cost phone service. Our voice quality is on the mark, with flat pricing and no hidden charges. Now with the improvements in broadband and the ever increasing delay in landline fault repairs, Voiptel Home Phone, over broadband or diverted to your mobile is the reliable cost effective solution.

Home Phone is Ideal for Local Pub, Small Local Business, Farm and Home

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You will get more out of your phone service and more out of your wallet when you are with us.

Pack 1

Inbound Divert Service


  • Monthly invoice DD
  • Once off Setup cost €10
  • Keep Your Number
  • 60 minutes of minutes inbound to your landline diverted to your mobile
  • Top up available 
  • Domestic users
  • Remote Setup
  • Pack 2

    Basic Phone service 

    €6.25 PM

  • Monthly invoice DD
  • Once off Setup cost €25
  • Keep your number
  • use your existing landline phone (subject to router) or Bria App
  • 300 minutes to landline
  • 60 minutes to mobile
  • Top up available
  • Domestic users
  • Remote Setup
  • Pack 3. 

    Amazing Phone Service 


  • Monthly invoice DD
  • Phone purchase €129.00
  • Keep your Number
  • VM to EM
  • Full Support
  • Unlimited Landline
  • 500 minutes to Mobile
  • Best voice quality
  •  Domestic and small business user
  • Site visit available
  • For best results get a cordless VoIP phone from Yealink

    When you move your phone line from old Landline to your Broadband, for best results you should invest in a VoIP phone. Those going for Divert to mobile or those who can use their existing phone do not need a VoIP Phone. However those who wish to use their phone service at its best over broadband, an investment in a VoIP Phone is a worthwhile choice, available online or from Voipel. The image opposite is a Yealink W60

    Yealink  W60 @ 160 / Yealink W73 @ 129

    What to do next

    You either have, NBI Fiber, Rural Broadband, 4G/5G or Starlink. and you are looking to keep your landline depending on price and service.You have seen above and you have an idea of what we can offer. You might agree that we can deliver on price for starters! should you wish to go ahead and try us, see the next few steps over.

    next few steps
    • Email us your landline bill
    • Or just enquire 
    • Will comeback to you next day

    Enquire or send us your landline bill by clicking that oval shaped button over there

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