10 Years of satisfied customers

We are a phone company built to work over the internet,so if you have broadband we can provide service. We have had Home Phone customers for over 10 years now, mainly owners or staff of our business customers, any of whom will tell you that our service and voice quality is on the mark. Our pricing is straight forward with no hidden charges. Now with the improvements in broadband, the deterioration in landline and the stagnation of mobile coverage, we are at last seeing a demand for our Home Phone service throughout the country. This is not a cheap VoIP service, this is a premium service at the best price we can offer.
We have customers in nearly every county in Ireland, with an ever growing scattering of customers in the UK.


   15  p/m  flat price that will never go up

  • Keep your old number
  • We can issue a new local number
  • Voicemail to email
  • 30 day contract
  • Unlimited landline
  • 400 minutes to mobile
  • You can exceed your package by 200 minutes per quarter without incurring cost
  • Calls outside package allowance billed at 10cent per minute
  • Ireland, UK,Near EU,USA,Auz most of Asia and South Africa
  • Premium and some international destinations not available
  • Support available when needed even after hours and weekends
  • Premium Voice Quality
  • Invoiced Monthly in advance
  • Payment method SEPA DD
  • ETA 3-4 working days form date of instruction
  • No charge for porting your number


Select the phone that suits your needs

When you move your phone line from old Landline to your Broadband it requires a VoIP phone, We have two options as outlined below. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information . Hardware is a means to an end for us. The VoIP phones we supply come ready to go, fully guaranteed and at close to cost price. Google around and see which would suit you best.

GrandStream ATA ht801

 40 once off purchase cost

  • VoIP adapter not a phone
  • Works by connecting your old phone through your BB router
  • The ATA sits between the Router and Phone base
  • No improvement in voice quality
  • Latest version of tried and tested device
Yealink w73

129  once off purchase cost ,same price or dearer from Jeff 

  • Business grade cordless VoIP phone
  • Long range base
  • Premium voice quality
  • Streamlined design, Attractive face
  • Good plastic, Great grip, Fast key response
  • Long life rechargeable battery
  • Yealink lifetime guarantee
  • You will use this instead of your mobile

Yealink W60

We have been supplying Yealink for over 10 years, the W60 is a refined phone at an excellent price complete with Yealink's product lifetime guarantee. Data sheet available 

Yealink W73


Robust Cordless Phone, latest screen, premium voice quality made from good plastic, so great feel to it, great grip, fast key response, lifetime guarantee  Data Sheet available 

Any Questions Just Shout
021 2439210