Customer Charter

3 Basics

Have you seen the Voiptel Man flying over homes in your area

faster than a rolling 0

Low flat cost agreement
best possible service with available support
You owe us nothing leave anytime

1. Authorisation

VoIP Technologies Limited is authorised by Comreg since 2007 to conduct electronic communications under section 4(1) of the European Community (Electronic Communications Networks and Services ) SI No 306 of 2003, we are authorised to operate throughout Europe.

2a. Privacy and Confidentiality

We will never share your data with a 3rd party for marketing purposes or unfair gain.We will only share your data with government agencies, if instructed to do so and our commercial partners to conduct our business in a proper manner.

2b. Privacy and Confidentiality

We collect and store the following and address and some commercial details
any details not directly relevant to providing & processing your telephony service are stored offline.

2c. Privacy and Confidentiality

Our system is closed source adding further protection to your data,but due to the public nature of the internet confidentiality can never be absolutely guaranteed. We continually monitor our networks 24/7 /365 and will take all measures to protect against any perceived threat.

3. Fair use policy

Our flat rate all inclusive offers are subject to a fair use policy, which can be adjusted by Voiptel at any time or on a per user basis. In general our unlimited plan covers all calls to landline and mobile numbers in Ireland and most international destinations for normal customer use. Please check with us for case by case basis. We reserve the right to alter our pricing.

4. Reliability of service

Our core network is based upon a closed source class 5 telecom switch with full redundancy resulting in a core network up time since 2010 of 99.999%. Faults and quality issues with 3rd parties, although rare are part of the telecoms eco system and you should be prepared for a couple of brief outages every year.

5.Acceptable use of service

Only reasonable and legal usage is allowed on our network, anything otherwise will result in immediate termination of your service.


Ah yes indemnity , the you cant blame us clause! Needless to say you will find us harmless for any loss incurred or suffered to you or a third party howsoever caused by your use of this service.

7. Applicable Law

We have a few international clients and we sure wouldn't mind going there,but in the interest of simplicity, these terms are governed by the laws of the republic of Ireland. All disputes when necessary will be settled in Irish courts, but it will never come to that.

8. Emergency calls

VoIP by its non geographic nature and dependence on power is NOT suitable for emergency calls and you should keep a back up mobile at hand. That said Voiptel is open for emergency calls.

9. Premium Numbers

This service is not open for premium numbers or numbers that we and our partners may class as premium.Please never hesitate to contact us with any issues here, as we will always try to accommodate.

10. Payment

The only t&c we are interested in really, All installs must be paid for in advance or subject to a premium of 20%
All monthly accounts paid in advance by direct debit only.
we are happy to work as best we can with any account in arrears.

11. Cancellations

Cancel anytime, one month in advance ideally, account settled in full hopefully, but we really don't want to see you go.


Most of the pricing is published on our websites, anything bespoke we will price in advance of any transaction, we like to avoid confusion, it makes it easier to get paid.

13. Dislaimer and Complaints

We have taken almost every precaution errors and omissions expected.Any Complaints
The non existent Complaints Team Voiptel,Unit 15d Euro Business Park Little Island Cork T45K302
or accounts@VOIPTEL.IE